The Dragoon Rules

To maintain a community there needs to be some form of order and naturally with this, there are rules. Each member here is expected to follow our rules, and adhere to them. By being a member here, our members, and now you are agreeing to them. They may appear lengthy when you go through them but apart from the ones we have already gone through with you, they are, on the whole, "common sense" rules that most good, decent people, will follow regardless of us asking of it or not.

Our rules have remained pretty much the same since foundation, it is through the following of these rules that we have managed to maintain such a strong, drama free community.

In advance, any questions you have, please feel free to ask them.

1. Place Brotherhood before all things

The defining fact of our community is that Brotherhood always comes first. Before anything else, we ask all members to place friendship and brotherhood before all things. Show respect to one another, help one another, guide each other, be someone they can count on. If everyone pledges to this same goal, all members can thrive in a strong, supportive, victorious atmosphere where all will find something that Guilds, online, and life in general severely lacks, a true connection of Brothers. While real life always comes first, online, we are your family, and you should always embrace that.

2. Carry yourself in a respectable, Dragoon way

Being a Dragoon is about being strong, courageous, friendly, open-minded, and willing to take on whatever faces us or ourselves. When things come down to it, we must find our own inner strength and accept responsibility for who and what we do, even if sometimes it's hard or we have done something wrong. Remember, rules, and our aims are not accomplished by one, but by all of us constantly working to maintain the rules and code we have established here. We will do all we can to be there for you, and help you grow, but you must adhere to being a true Dragoon. If you act like a bitch, mentally weak, break our rules, or can't maintain your Dragoon strength, you will be responsible for that.

3. Our leadership's voice is final

In order to run such a strong community, great care is taken in selecting only the most experienced, and accomplished members for leadership. Our Guild is not built on the backs of the weak, rather, our leadership has spent years, growing through our community to become the greats they have risen too. When it comes to issues, and day to day affairs, we ask you respect their voice, and follow them. They are not dictators, they are not assholes, they are good people, who care a great deal about this Guild, and will always place this Guild's interests first.

In addition to this, TheHidden01 is our reigning King, and has been so since the beginning. His voice is final on all affairs, and you should do your best to help assist, and fight for him in our name. He's not a Nazi, nor is he a psychopath (believe it or not), and he is always approachable or open to listening to you.

4. Get involved within our community

The Dragoons are always busy, not a day goes by where something isn't going down. While real life comes first as members, we ask you to try your best to attend as many events and activities as you possibly can. Even without events going down, please try your best to talk, connect, and play with others. We are a Brotherhood, and we don't have time for silent, non-teaming members that are best suited to solo games.

For events, we like to use a calendar, and we ask you to do your best to sign up or sign away for as many events as you can. In addition, you are always welcome to host your own event, just speak to one of our Commissioners about getting that done.

5. You are expected to keep yourself in shape, and be the best you can be

What stands out about our Brotherhood is that every member here busts their ass off to be the best they can be. Our PvP'ers train endlessly to grow, our Raiders study tactics, and plan roles, our Crafters, farm together, plan tasks and work with each other. This attitude helps us to be the best we can be, and we expect members to constantly work on being the best they can be in whatever field they want to shine in.

As we are often in combat, all members are expected to maintain a strong standard in PvP, even if you are not a big PvP'er. We will of course, offer training, and we often find non-PvP'ers thrive in our inclusive, and passionate environment. The skills you learn can then be applied to whatever avenue of the Guild you work in.

6. The Dragoons have long term visions and aims and you are expected to allign yourself to them

The Dragoons primary focus is to build a family where all are respected and friendship is the core element that drives this. We do, however, have long term aims and ambitions to become the top force in whatever MMO we find ourselves in. With this in mind, all members are expected to offer support and themselves to assist in achieving what we consider mutual aims. When we recruit, we assert our longterm vision, and insure that they match what we seek so that this doesn't become a rule, but more of a loyal promise among mutual, ambitious friends.

If you join, you are expected to find a place where you can offer contribution to our cause. Largely we need skilled PvP'ers that can fight in our name, but exceptional, good, humble, kind individuals that reflect excellence in friendship are always welcome even if they are not PvP'ers. With this in mind, we will guide and ask them to find whatever they can to contribute, be it crafting items, pots, or something more intuitive.

The Dragoons have goals, and we will accomplish them because every member commits to busting their ass for this tag in whatever way they find best works for all.

7. The Dragoons do not tolerate split loyalties

If it hasn't become apparent already, the Dragoons are heavily invested in what it is to be a Dragoon. With this in mind, we cannot tolerate split loyalties. We ask that you stay only with the Dragoons, and not be a member of any other Guild. In 11 years of Guild Management, we have learnt clearly that split loyalties do not work, and we just cannot tolerate it, no matter what.

Playing with others outside of our community is completely fine, and we respect that, as long as it doesn't conflict with our interests. If you would rather play with your friends and not us, and stand against us with your friends, then you really shouldn't be here. You are naturally, always welcome to get them to join us though.

If you have any direct questions about this, please consult our King on this, and he will do what he can to listen to requests fairly, and responsibly. The best thing to do is always be clear and honest, and you will find us more receptive.

8. Respect our PvP Code

If you become a member here, you will be guided to our PvP Code. Please read through, and respect our Code that has become the standard of which we thrive. Our Code has been created by the brightest PvP minds over 10 years, and you can trust that following it will see you rise to the top. Please make sure you understand our PvP Code, and don't purposefully go against it. Our Code is just as important as these rules.

9. You are required to be on Discord when ingame

What shines about our community is how much we communicate, and spend our evenings laughing. Without Discord, you would miss everything, and it just wouldn't work. We expect all members to use Discord when they are ingame. Naturally there are those of you who need space, and or would like a time-out, do not threat, as we offer chill out rooms that you can spend time in should you need it.

It should be noted that we do not expect you to use a mic, if you don't want too, and our Discord is always very welcoming and full of fun!


While strong sounding, our rules are general common sense rules and are designed to protect and encourage a strong atmosphere within our community.

We ask you to remember that we have 0 drama, because we respect work together, these rules are strong, to cover any bases.