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Check out A:IR!

TheHidden01 a posted Nov 9, 17

Uh oh, found a new game kids, and it's looking beautiful. Check out the trailer below, and let me know what you think!

Looks pretty sweet doesn't it? With some heavy hitter development behind it, not to mention it's already looking gameplay wise good, added to a playable demo available at G-Star, it's looking very good.

What do you guys think? Head to our forums and discuss it!


Dorek wins an unprecedented 20th Player of the Month, after being voted, yet again, for exceptional passion and contributions this month.

With Black Desert Online back on our horizon, Dorek has brought his amazing passion back into the fold, driving our community to get prepared, and helping others to grind hard. Not only has he re-ignited our passion in the game, but he has stood tall, being a champion among us all, dominating the duels heading into the first round of the new FNT season, being the big time favourite to win.

Dorek's continued contributions to our illustrious community is beyond incredible. Seeing him wielding his greatsword while terrorising the world of BDO has been an utter pleasure, and I am honoured to award him the incredible 20th Player of the Month.

Congratulations brother, we love everything you do for us, and we are eternally thankful.


The parade of Overwatch characters porting straight over to Heroes of the Storm continues with the latest addition to the game, Junkrat. How does he play? Like Junkrat, that’s how. He throws around lots of bombs and makes things blow up and laughs at inappropriate times. That’s his whole deal, guys, it’s not like Overwatch has a rich narrative history to draw upon.

Oh, you were curious about mechanics? In that case you can hop down below and check out the preview video, that might be more straightforward.

Junkrat’s ability include the huge knockback of Concussion Mine (it can even fling people over terrain) and the bouncing explosive fun of Frag Grenades. If you’re familiar with the character in Overwatch, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of the general tone of his abilities if not the specifics; check out the preview before to see him blowing things up with style.


Yes, Final Fantasy XIV has dropped patch 4.1; if you were trying to get a house, you both already knew that and are already out of luck. To the surprise of absolutely no one who has seen this happen before, housing sold out within moments of the servers coming up, something that has been joked about on the game’s subreddit for months now (there’s a reason they call it Shirogane Savage). This is, of course, not a new problem. Further analysis on that problem can wait until… oh, let’s say tomorrow; this system isn’t becoming less messy before that.

On the other hand, there’s still plenty of other content in the patch to enjoy, with an expanded main scenario, new Beast Tribe quests, the Royal City of Rabanastre, and so forth. You can check out the full patch notes on the official site (although some of the items are still not listed in the notes) and check out the trailer for the patch down below.


Brother Felix earns his first Player of the Month after making a huge effort to meet fellow Dragoons in real life.

Felix decided on a whim to make the epic journey, driving from Sweden to England. There he met a few Dragoons, including myself, and had some amazing adventures. Felix has had an interesting life in the Dragoons, but this gigantic journey will go down as an amazing experience for him no doubt.

To make such an effort to see fellow Dragoons, and then have a great time with them is truly magnificent, and one we greatly appreciate. To spend so much time, money, and effort travelling shows amazing loyalty, and love for the tag, and I for one, feel so humbled by this, and feel truly blessed to have spent some time with him, naturally I miss that ginger bastard now he's gone.

Thanks Felix, and congratulations on winning this month's Player of the Month.


Dorek: My sister doesn't live in a flat Malnuous: She claims Dorek: She lives in a house Malnuous: She claims Dorek: Your sister lives in my cellar mate Dorek: In a cage
Lucifreia - there's poking a hornet's nest and then there's hidden sticking his dick in it.
Hidden if you were arrested for punching a guy in the face you'd spend the trial trying to convince everyone that the guy you punched is to blame for being there to be punched -Fay
Dorek - she thinks shes so fucking good guess what im a fucking certified psycho ill rig my door with explosives to bring this whole place down im that fucking crazy
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