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After TheHidden01 took a stunning victory in the Fight Night Tour's first round, rumour has it that the beast will return. Yes, Dorek's Warrior will be back to exact revenge on all.

Last Friday TH took the title in the first record round of the new age of FNTs. The grand victory propelled the King to the spotlight, making him the only Champion in history. To deny however, that one beast of a man hasn't been unstoppable in other incarnations of FNT is foolish, and now that man is pissed.

This Friday, the great beast of BDO returns, unstoppable, relentless, hungry and looking to conquer all within his sight. It is the first time Dorek has fallen in a recorded competition in BDO, and thus, with his Warrior primed and ready, he will be looking to win.

TH is our Champion, but can his first test become too much of a challenge? Will the coming of not just Dorek, but many other competitors push the Champion and FNT to it's limits?

Join us Friday 8pm GMT, for the second round!


Dorek - There's nothing like brutal anger, stabbing the cunt 27 times in the face.
Dorek - did this fucking mob just call me a low born scum
Dorek - so hes whispering that im sad and have to get a life so i told him im quite happy with my life so maybe he should cry to someone who gives a shit
Dorek: My sister doesn't live in a flat Malnuous: She claims Dorek: She lives in a house Malnuous: She claims Dorek: Your sister lives in my cellar mate Dorek: In a cage
Lucifreia - there's poking a hornet's nest and then there's hidden sticking his dick in it.
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