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Marshy returns to glory to end a glorious year as Player of the Month.

Being named as Lieutenant for the Irae in December, Marshy really impressed with his performance as a strong crew member, and as a Guild-wide ambassador. Whether it be in a Guild war, or working hard to see his Crew rise through training, Marshy has been everywhere this month to do the best he can to see this Guild rise. Not to mention his effort put into his character to make it an absolute monster.

Marshy has had an amazing year for the Dragoons, and it has been an utmost joy to behold. His attitude while sometimes can be intense, is of true Dragoon spirit, and he is a force to behold as a Dragoon vanguard.

Congratulations Marshy!


Dorek - There's nothing like brutal anger, stabbing the cunt 27 times in the face.
Dorek - did this fucking mob just call me a low born scum
Dorek - so hes whispering that im sad and have to get a life so i told him im quite happy with my life so maybe he should cry to someone who gives a shit
Dorek: My sister doesn't live in a flat Malnuous: She claims Dorek: She lives in a house Malnuous: She claims Dorek: Your sister lives in my cellar mate Dorek: In a cage
Lucifreia - there's poking a hornet's nest and then there's hidden sticking his dick in it.
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