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Jumgei has won his first Player of the Month after a wonderful month of showing his inner brilliance.

It is always important to recognise the importance of the individuals that make up this community. Jumgei this month as shown the heart of a Dragoon as he is finally recognised for his brilliance. What stands out about Jumgei is his positivity and work ethic. Every week he attends training, events, tournaments, and busts his ass off. He doesn't moan, he pushes himself, and drives on facing every challenge in his path.

His mentality is exactly what a Dragoon should embody, his attitude, personality and presence is inspirational and I can't think of a day where I don't find myself loving every second I spend with this gentleman. It's about damn time that he was respected and honoured and it is a happy day to see him finally get his props.

Congratulations Jumgei, enjoy this day!


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