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After TheHidden01 took a stunning victory in the Fight Night Tour's first round, rumour has it that the beast will return. Yes, Dorek's Warrior will be back to exact revenge on all.

Last Friday TH took the title in the first record round of the new age of FNTs. The grand victory propelled the King to the spotlight, making him the only Champion in history. To deny however, that one beast of a man hasn't been unstoppable in other incarnations of FNT is foolish, and now that man is pissed.

This Friday, the great beast of BDO returns, unstoppable, relentless, hungry and looking to conquer all within his sight. It is the first time Dorek has fallen in a recorded competition in BDO, and thus, with his Warrior primed and ready, he will be looking to win.

TH is our Champion, but can his first test become too much of a challenge? Will the coming of not just Dorek, but many other competitors push the Champion and FNT to it's limits?

Join us Friday 8pm GMT, for the second round!


Marshy returns to glory to end a glorious year as Player of the Month.

Being named as Lieutenant for the Irae in December, Marshy really impressed with his performance as a strong crew member, and as a Guild-wide ambassador. Whether it be in a Guild war, or working hard to see his Crew rise through training, Marshy has been everywhere this month to do the best he can to see this Guild rise. Not to mention his effort put into his character to make it an absolute monster.

Marshy has had an amazing year for the Dragoons, and it has been an utmost joy to behold. His attitude while sometimes can be intense, is of true Dragoon spirit, and he is a force to behold as a Dragoon vanguard.

Congratulations Marshy!


Is there room for another character class at the Black Deserttable? Scooch over and make room no matter what you think on this, because Ran is on her way.

Pearl Abyss revealed Ran this past week, an Asian martial arts fighter who uses a sword and a strange weapon with a chain and silk scarf on it. Ran isn’t out yet in Korea, so it might be a little while before she makes the voyage to the west, but odds are good that she will be arriving sooner or later.

Check out her trailer and a weird little Korean TV spot after the break!


Jumgei has won his first Player of the Month after a wonderful month of showing his inner brilliance.

It is always important to recognise the importance of the individuals that make up this community. Jumgei this month as shown the heart of a Dragoon as he is finally recognised for his brilliance. What stands out about Jumgei is his positivity and work ethic. Every week he attends training, events, tournaments, and busts his ass off. He doesn't moan, he pushes himself, and drives on facing every challenge in his path.

His mentality is exactly what a Dragoon should embody, his attitude, personality and presence is inspirational and I can't think of a day where I don't find myself loving every second I spend with this gentleman. It's about damn time that he was respected and honoured and it is a happy day to see him finally get his props.

Congratulations Jumgei, enjoy this day!


The Dragoons maybe generally of the European ascent but that doesn't mean we can't adapt holidays of our own as we celebrate Thanksgiving for this year and beyond!

This new festival event is a simple affair and begins next Thursday at 6pm GMT. Coming together for stories, tales, and things we are thankful for, this is a time of celebration and warmth as we head into Winter. We will also be having a meal together on Discord, as we celebrate each other's company.

Not only this, but what will make this event even more spicy, once our food is done, it's time for war! As each House will compete in a House Cup to determine who has the best House in the Dragoons!

Finally, in perhaps the biggest news yet, starting next year in 2018, this feast will become a new annual gathering in real life for all Dragoons and beyond! 

Hope you enjoy the event, and feel free to share your opinions below!


Dorek: My sister doesn't live in a flat Malnuous: She claims Dorek: She lives in a house Malnuous: She claims Dorek: Your sister lives in my cellar mate Dorek: In a cage
Lucifreia - there's poking a hornet's nest and then there's hidden sticking his dick in it.
Hidden if you were arrested for punching a guy in the face you'd spend the trial trying to convince everyone that the guy you punched is to blame for being there to be punched -Fay
Dorek - she thinks shes so fucking good guess what im a fucking certified psycho ill rig my door with explosives to bring this whole place down im that fucking crazy
Mathilde - didnt stephen king make star wars
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