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With WoW well on it's way to it's new expansion, Blizzard has announced that it will begin the beta test for Battle For Azeroth.

This new test will open with a complete wipe, and lots more invitations sent out to lucky WoW subscribers (so make sure you check). No further wipes will happen, and the beta is capped at 120.

Did you get an invite? Make sure to get involved in the discussion both on our forums, and on our Discord!


Consistency is key to running any Guild and if there is any member that embodies consistency it is Solerisar. 

Since coming back to WoW, Sols has been an excellent member, working hard to improve his character, and see the Guild rise being a consistent member at all events, and Raids, and growing to become a force to be reckoned with. His calm demeanour, positive attitude, and attendance, landmarks him as not only a partner you always want, but someone who all should emulate in order to be better.

Not only this, but on the administrative end of things, Solerisar has spearheaded recruitment, maintaining our thread, and constantly working ingame to meet new members, and encourage their activity, this all done without needing constant oversight and prompting which is awesome from a leadership standpoint.

With these excellent examples, it is no wonder that Solerisar has been voted Player of the Month. He is an excellent leader for this community, and he deserves the respect he maintains.


The limit of 25 active quests in World of Warcraft isn’t so bad, so long as you never forget to abandon old quests, always do one zone at a time, and scrupulously clear out lingering tasks ahead of time. In other words, it really is a relic of older times, which makes sense when you consider that the limit was put in place during the game’s first expansion. The good news is that Battle for Azeroth is no longer counting account-wide quests toward that limit, so things like battle pet quests are no longer going to leave you working under limitations.

Players will also notice a special lighting effect around low-level daily quests, so it’ll be that much easier to pick up those when relevant, as well.

For those of you who already have no problem keeping your quest logs free and clear but are mostly interested in more emotes, the expansion seems to also be adding a new emote for booping your fellow adventurers on the nose. No word yet on animations for this emote, but the text files are in there; we can only hope that Druid players are prepared for what will inevitably result.


Blood Elf Paladins in World of Warcraft are drawing upon the power of the Sunwell, but they still have the same fel-green eyes as ever But you may not have that restriction in Battle for Azeroth. The latest alpha build of the expansion has added in three faces with golden eyes to the character creator, allowing you to go for a bit more of a light-touched look if you so desire. It’s a heretofore unannounced change, but a welcome one.

The latest build also includes the usual array of ability changes as well as new models and art assets; there’s also a new set of achievements rewarding the first hundred players to defeat raid bosses on Mythic difficulty. Those achievements are per faction, though, so the race is not against both sides (useful if there’s a faction imbalance). The alpha seems to be humming along nicely, then, even with the unexpected additions.


The Heart of Azeroth is the big new expansion improvement players will be contending with in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. We know how it’s meant to work, but we haven’t yet seen any of its traits actually in operation… until now. The most recent build of the game’s alpha has added in a handful of traits and effects for Hunters and Shamans, both classes that share the same armor type. This would indicate that more traits are likely being finalized, so this serves as a vanguard to more abilities.

The current list of traits feature some distinct abilities per class (boosting the Astral Shift damage reduction for Shaman while improving Aspect of the Cheetah for Hunter) and some universal traits, such as increasing movement speed based on Haste or granting attacks splash damage on each target. Obviously, the trait list is incomplete at this time, but it should provide a hint about what your various bits of armor will offer you once the system goes live with the expansion.


Dorek - There's nothing like brutal anger, stabbing the cunt 27 times in the face.
Dorek - did this fucking mob just call me a low born scum
Dorek - so hes whispering that im sad and have to get a life so i told him im quite happy with my life so maybe he should cry to someone who gives a shit
Dorek: My sister doesn't live in a flat Malnuous: She claims Dorek: She lives in a house Malnuous: She claims Dorek: Your sister lives in my cellar mate Dorek: In a cage
Lucifreia - there's poking a hornet's nest and then there's hidden sticking his dick in it.
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