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This is it, boys and girls. Ashes of Creation is going to wrap up its immensely successful Kickstarter campaign tomorrow, and the only question left is whether or not the game will be able to push across the $3M line to unlock the sheer excitement of… a stock exchange. OK, well, it’ll still be pretty neat to see if that goal is reached or not.

As of the time of this writing, the project has achieved 368% of its target goal of $750,000, netting over $2.7M so far. To help keep excitement levels high — and those wallets open — the developers posted a new half-hour gameplay video with commentary that shows off Ashes of Creation’s pre-alpha build in action.


With just one win needed to hit 20 Player of the Month titles, Dorek earns his 19th Player of the Month award after winning a tight vote for the title.

Dorek has shone this month in his usual style. Beginning this month, Dorek has been pretty invested into Heroes of the Storm. Having fallen hard for the game (finally), he has been playing everything with everyone and has brought an awesome passion to the game. The great thing about Dorek is that when he is invested into a game, he brings such an awesome atmosphere that it's infectious not to want to play with him!

As well as this, with my holiday, Dorek has been in charge and has kept the ship steady, keeping our thread bumped, our people in line, and the Dragoons focused. While it was just a week, this kind of level-headed steady approach is just what we need in an Underboss.

Dorek is as always an exceptional asset to our community, a living breath part of the soul of the Dragoons who each and everyday stands ahead of the pack and proves just what a true legend he is.

Congratulations Dorek, and we await your 20th victory!


Recently Steven Sharif spent some time on discord to discuss some questions the community have.

It is slightly long, but it's worth listening too if you wish to see some of the development philosophy behind the game and some discussion on some key features.

Let us know what you think on the forums here!

- Mendabar

Dragoons, with the open letter I sent our recently I bring more news for all of you, as I announce our next major game for the long term future!

Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG. It has several really awesome sounding features, with a very successful Kickstarter campaign. The game seems a bit far off, but it's something to work for, and it certainly seems like it's right up our alleyway.

After all, we have been waiting for a good sandbox, and well, here we are:-

Enjoy the video, it's worth it.

What do you think?


Marshy has been on strong form since 2017 hit, and the takes his second Player of the Month in four months after impressing with his membership within our community.

Marshy is always dipping in his toes into every pond, but the special focus of much of the praise came for his efforts in World of Warcraft. Marshy has shown tremendous spirit and passion and has assisted, guided, and invigorated everyone who has touched the game, helping everyone to settle in and find their feet. In his own game, he is consistently striving to be the best he can be, racing off to the endgame, and getting himself setup for a strong future in Raiding within the Dragoons.

Not only does he bring a strong work ethic, but he is always passionate, always willing to see the Dragoon tag rise, and always ready to share a kebab or two with a fellow member in need. Marshy is a strong, powerful Dragoon, and it is our honour to award his eleventh Player of the Month award.

Congratulations Marshy!


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